This week Marylou takes you from the living room into outer limits ✨🍃🍷 Make yourself comfortable for a deep listening.

Ariel Kalma
Futuro Antico
Bendik Giske
Por Loeu
Ikuro Takahashi
Burnt Friedman and Jaki Liebezeit
Pinch and Shackleton
Marja Johansson
Beatrice Dillon
Mor Elian
Wilted Woman
Baleine 3000

vocals and field recordings from Hani tribes, Vietnam, Combodia and Toraja and Bundis from Sulawesi

Leasure and repetition, declension of the word percussion, Marylou carves raw oneirism.
Raised between forests and ocean in the south west coast of France, her first language is painting and cinema, both soaked in her deep passion for ethnology and traditional societies.

It’s under her name that she opens the nets of her vast collection of records and sound crops, weaving her delicate mesh in between traditional music, bass ,noise detonations, cloudy waters of psychedelic dubs or sinuous paths of improvised music and electronic avant-garde. 
She’s recently played the Morphine night in Berghain where she layered all sorts of unconventional and uncompromising beats in the most elegant way, or at Freerotation, Organik Festival, Intonal, CTM 2019 or the great Terraforma, after been regular at former parisian Concrete or La Station in Paris.