TIDIANE THIAM – Siftorde – Sahel Sounds (Senegal) 2020 : Dreamy instrumental acoustic folk guitar from Fouta Toro in Northern Senegal. Fingerpicked acoustic guitar with intricate syncopation, a technique inspired by the four-string hoddu, with melodies that go back centuries, from the Almoravid dynasty to the Mali Empire. In contrast to the familiar desert blues, Siftorde highlights a very distinct and underrepresented style of Sahelian guitar. Guitarist, photographer, visual artist, and folklorist Tidiane Thiam hails from Podor, a small riverside town in the far North of Senegal. A self-taught musician who learned guitar from late-night radio broadcasts, Tidiane is a veritable encyclopedia of Sahel folklore. Borrowing from this repertoire, he adapts his own technique of fingerstyle guitar, crafting serene pieces imbued with emotive reflection. Follow up

JACOPO STIGLIANO – Buriana – at least 12 different varieties of white grapes (Valsamoggia) 2018 : « The project started in 2018 and in general is based on the recovery/rehabilitation of nowadays abandoned, typical ancient, Italian vines, even around 100 years old, coplantation, really little woods and independent, complete natural environments, with fruit trees, flowers and many animals permanently living inside. The principal idea of work is based on my hands and on the principles of a natural agriculture, producing wines in an old, traditional way, without the use of chemistry in the cellar. ». Follow up