MAZOUNI – Un Dandy En Exil 1969/1982 – Born Bad Records (Algeria/ France) 2019  : 1958, in the middle of the liberation war. While the rattle of machine guns could be heard in the maquis, in the city, the population listened at low volume to Algerian patriotic songs broadcast by the powerful Egyptian radio: “The Voice of the Arabs”. The same year, singer Ben Achour was killed in conditions that have never been elucidated. Algiers, by a summer evening in 1960. Cafe terraces were crowded and glasses of anisette kept coming with metronomic regularity, despite the alarming music of police sirens heard at intervals and the silhouettes of soldiers marching in the streets. The mood was good, united by a tune escaping from everywhere: balconies, where laundry was finishing drying, windows wide open from apartments or restaurants serving the famous Algiers shrimps along with copious rosé wine. Couples spontaneously joined the party upon hearing “Ya Mustafa”, punctuated by improvised choirs screaming “Chérie je t’aime, chérie je t’adore ». Popular music kept surviving through wedding, banquets and 45s recorded for private companies, undergoing censorship and increased surveillance from the military. Follow up

BRAND BROS – Cider – Apples (Pfalz) 2018 : Convivial weightless jubilation. Follow up