MARTA DE PASCALIS – Sonus Ruinae – Morphine Records (Berlin) 2020 : “Tape loops are a closed path, a cyclic river, a ring around a far planet. They’re similar to our memory, continuously reenacting an artefact that belongs to a precise point in time, brought back in a process of recall where that artifact slightly and slowly becomes imprecise and shifted. An unrested repetition carved into an old pavement, in a city where every generation leaves a new mark, a new incision and maintains an endless process of birth and deterioration. Sonus Ruinae’s synthesizers sounds are gently laid on that closed path, put in a locked repetition and engaged into that eternal dance. While growing up with computer music influences, ranging from glitch to the new century Roman electronic scene, Marta De Pascalis developed her musician skills under the spell of the Italian sound labs sphere, from Gruppo di Improvvisazione to Battiato and other masters that influenced the global movement of sound designers”. Follow up

VINO DEL POGGIO – Vino Rosso – Barbera (Emilia Romagna) 2013 : Andrea Cervini practices long macerations on the skins in steel tanks for extracted juiciness with a dry, spicy, savoury direction. Humming earthy patterns. Much soul. The vineyard is mainly planted on clay and limestone soil at an altitude of 200 meters in the Piacenza Hills. Perfect pairing if you want to escape reality for a moment into a hazy space and complementary keep your foot grounded. ». Follow up

💎 Proceeds will be contributed to Lebanese Food Bank