JULION DE’ANGELO / VIOLA KLEIN – We – Meakusma (Belgium) 2020 : Julion De’Angelo builds his music around Florent Kandety’s voice, which resonates with the Senegalese experience. Viola Klein recorded in Saint-Louis, Senegal with the Sabar drummers Abdou Aziz, Abdoukhadre and Adramé Diop, here releasing their whole energy, playing Mbalax rhythms. De’Angelo, who plays and records live percussion, works Kandety’s way of expressing astonishment into a vast environment of arranged beats. His Detroit ambience combines vivid bass-lines on the subs and a patina-like finish, as if from a tape found in the sand while waiting for a bus to Dakar. Afro-Cuban rhythms offer shelter to the delicateness of De’Angelo’s sound constructions. Vulnerability is transformed into wealth. Follow up

LAMMIDIA – Sciambagn – Trebbiano (Abruzzo) 2018 : « We’re in a process of constant research, taking inspiration from many winemakers that we’ve met on our journey and with whom we continue to have a dialog about how to cultivate, ferment, conserve and age wines. They are a source through which we synthesize our experience, which is in constant evolution ». Follow up