jaja berlin

jaja is a laid-back Bottle shop & wine bar with more than 200 references of fresh and lively natural wines, most of which come from France, as well as others from small vineyards across Europe.

Our chef Hannes Broecker proposes a weekly menu of mouthwatering, creative plates to pair with our selection of natural wines. Root to leaf mentality and products sourced entirely from responsible agriculture are prerequisites for all of his dishes that leave the kitchen.

Menu restaurant

2 courses 24€ – 3 courses 30€

This week

Red beet, fire bean and pumpkin seed

Mushrooms, celeriac and cured egg yolk
Lamb, carrots and radish

Buckwheat mousse and pear

Bar snacks

Bread 3€
Bread & butter 3,5€
Almonds 3€
Charcuterie 6€
Sardines 10€
Cheese 10€
Burrata 10€
Smoked char rillettes and potatoes 9€

Reservations are taken for the menu restaurant only, we offer our outdoor and bar area on a walk-in basis.

Tuesday to Saturday 6pm – 11pm

Weichselstraße 7 
12043 Berlin

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