HINOSCH – HANDS – TAL (Düsseldorf) 2018 : HINOSCH are a duo of Koshiro Hino from Osaka and Stefan Schneider from Düsseldorf. One of the outstanding qualities of HANDS certainly is an unprejudiced approach of sound and song structures. The instrumentation is con?dently reduced to a small range of analogue and digital machines. Snatches of tape-loops deliver lower-pitched vocal and drum machine samples. This characteristic technical set up soon proved ideal in order to de?ne a tactile vocabulary of fully unsynchronized rhythm patterns. The word tactile perfectly conjures that quality which is the very essence of HANDS. Most tracks on HANDS are devoid of a central motif and examine an unpredictable dialogue. A fantasy of constant change and a search for musical suggestions is the most vital ingredient in this abstract environment. Every live concert of Hinosch usually starts out with a hand shake between Hino and Schneider. Follow up

AMI – Bourgogne blanc – Chardonnay (Bourgogne) 2017 : AMI is a project between two good friends, Paul Marchand-Perarnau and Willy Roulendes operating in the Maranges valley, in the south of the Côte de Beaune. A delicate classic Burgundy white with a slightly viscous texture, stoney minerality, notes of 🍎🍐🍑 and Jasmin, for example. Layers of fabrics confronting one another to articulate a form for themselves to no other end than their own orchestration. Follow up