VARIOUS ARTISTS – DJ AMIR presents Buena Música y Cultura – BBE (London) 2016 :

Comprising a selection of obscure tracks from the 60’s and 70’s recorded mainly in New York, but featuring artists from Detroit and the Dominican Republic, there are bound to be new discoveries here for even the most ardent collector. 

« Salsa, like rock, was a product of the turbulent 1960s. The decade’s spirit of questioning and mobilization took hold among minorities, including New York City’s nearly two million Latinos–primarily Puerto Ricans, or “Newyoricans.” Latinos were inspired by the civil-rights and black-power movements, and by the very economic progress they had recently made, which at once empowered them and heightened their sense of ongoing discrimination. The size of Latino communities in Spanish Harlem and the Lower East Side (“Loisaida”) had reached a critical mass, and they were ripe for cultural and sociopolitical self-awakening. Perhaps the most significant development of the era was a new sense of pride in being Latino. For the first time, Latinos on a mass scale came to reject the Anglocentric assimilationism which had led so many to feel ashamed of their language and culture. The model of the civil-rights movement, the new interest in “roots,” and, indirectly, the still-smoldering Puerto Rican independence movement made the barrio a cauldron of militant assertiveness and artistic creativity. » Follow up

LES MAOÙ – Hauts les coeurs ! – Carignan (Rhône) 2018 : Pure vibrant Carignan, full of energy. Follow up