BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB – Lucifer Is A Flower – Lo Recordings (London) 2020 : Lucifer Is A Flower is the final album from the legendary Black Devil, bringing a close to a 43-year saga of electronic evil boogie. A kaleidoscopic ride into the mind of a musical master. Follow up

JEAN-PIERRE ROBINOT – Nocturne – Pineau d’Aunis (Loire) 2015 : Legendary Jean-Pierre Robinot is in his early 70s with the energy and enthusiasm of a juvenile. Running the first natural wine bar in Paris, l’Ange Vin, and a founder of Rouge & Blanc, one of France’s most interesting wine magazines, he then bought in 2000 a vineyard next to the village of Chahaignes, where he grew up and now lives. A kaleidoscopic drink. Follow up