ANDREW W.K. – Cadillac – Ecstatic Peace! (Massachusetts) 2009 : Andrew Fetterly Wilkes-Krier: « This was the first chance in almost 10 years where I was allowed to simply play and record an instrument – no songwriters, no lyrics to learn, no overdubs, no slow fixes, no remixes, no video shoots or interview practice – just the sound of someone sitting in room playing piano for the sake of it. No one telling me what to play, or how to play it. And no masterplans, high-concept visions, worldwide goals with roll-out schedules. No style consultants or acting coaches. No more meetings with sponsors or computerized yelling. No more threats. « Follow up

JEAN MAUPERTUIS – Les Pierres Noires – Gamay (Auvergne) 2018 : « The Auvergnate geographic landscape is indeed a very interesting place. There is quite the variety of different soil compositions, almost all of the ones you find in France! Not only do we have granite, clay and limestone, marl and sand, but the shift in soil composition can often be noticed every couple 100 meters. This is largely due to volcanic eruptions of the past, which really spread everything around randomly. Setting up in Auvergne certainly felt like an uphill battle that I wanted to fight. When I started, the wines of this region were completely unknown and on the verge of disappearing. A handful of vignerons were making good stuff, but the wines didn’t get much further than the region. About the kind of wines I’d like to drink, I have a very eclectic palate. I just love wine. « Follow up